The Art of Obedience

I believe having a solid home 'base' is really important. A place that you always feel grounded in and return to. Bath, for me is where my home is. My friends and family reside here and its also where my church is. I work for Bath City Church once a week and have recently made some graphics and video for a new speaking series that has been happening in our Young Adult meetings.

I have found having a rhythm of being apart of church here in Bath has helped me stay grounded in a world which for me is, really manic, all the time. I love getting to contribute to the creative output of my church and never really share anything I make with them. So thought it was about time to change that.

In summary this is a very casual project, but I really enjoyed the freedom and relaxed vibe to creating the content, so thought its worth sharing. 

(Project cover photo by Sam Cooper)


I always see posts from people I admire about their gear and have waited for the day to finally write a post about what I have used/am using to create content. 

I guess I keep it simple. For the past year I have been shooting everything on my Canon 6D. This camera is an absolute beast for photos. Another reason why I haven't acquired more gear is because of the cost. Camera equipment is really expensive. But this picture pretty much summarises what I use. I hope it grows in the coming years. ;-) 

Toby Mitchell Creative

November Morning

Winter is fast approaching and those beautiful crisp mornings are what its all about. Harry is a good friend of mine and lives out in the Somerset country side. We got some new portraits for his music work.

Autumn Playlist

Sophia Music Vids

So this is my girlfriend, Sophia. Not only is she incredibly beautiful but she also has a killer voice and gifting in songwriting. Over the past months we have filmed a few short videos for Youtube which I would love to share with you. 

You can follow Sophia on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter

420 Seconds of Summer

During mid June I felt really convicted in myself to stop going on social media; It's such a time waster and often dis-connects you from people, conversations and the real world. I think some social media platforms play a positive role in our lives if used well and honestly. Take Instagram for example, an incredible way to be inspired and follow people who create beautiful things that stir your own original content. Great. 

My problem is that I was getting a place where I was trying to be other people, create their pictures in my own and adapt my own lifestyle to fit into a place that another person was living. This was not only stupidly un-healthy for my own life, career and well being but also made my Instagram feed a huge mess (to me to get that grid looking perfect to make sure people think you're better than water right? wrong.). 

I came to a place where I was really done with all the distraction and deleted anything social off my phone and promised myself not to turn them on again (only if I felt like I wanted to) for three months. 

So because two days in I got hugely frustrated that I wasn't looking to produce anything like pictures or content, I decided to film 1 to 2 seconds of everyday and put it into a video. So here is the past two months (got bored after two and didn't want to do three) in 420 seconds. 

Note - This was heavily inspired by the incredible Joseph Paul who made a video about a second a day for a year. What a champion! Check him out here.

A Tuscan Summer

During mid July I embarked on the annual family holiday which, this year, took us to Tuscany. Being a huge fan of European culture, I was pretty excited to be visiting Italy, especially as it was my first time. 

A week before flying out there I was eagerly looking at weather predictions for when we arrived and was shocked to see that the temperatures would be averaging around 40 degrees. Now for someone who is a true Brit, this was a big deal; I had never experienced heat past 35 degrees max. so I was anxious to see how I felt about stepping off a plane into a 40 degrees Italian atmosphere. 

It turned out that 40 degrees is totally manageable and I loved my two weeks in the Tuscan hills. We visited Florence for a week and then moved on to Lastra a Sígna, which is around 10 minutes drive out of Florence and in the middle of the hills. 

Here are some camera shots and a whole bunch of snaps from my iPhone. I highly recommend a visit to Tuscany if you get the chance. The scenery and preservation of the cities is wonderful to experience. 

MusicBed Film Fest 2015

MusicBed launched their first ever film festival this year and I entered a video I made with Joshua Luke Smith. 

The video focuses around the idea of exploring how creativity isn't what you make but its who you are; and no matter what happens or where you turn, you will always remain a creative person.

Here is the promo for the Film Fest:

If you liked World Within, it would be awesome if you could spend a minute voting for the video by clicking the link here.

August Inspiration Feed

The MusicBed have been a huge inspiration to me over the past year, playing a huge role in the creative industry of what it looks like to hold a career in music/film making and how to balance life with work etc. Not to mention the incredible music licensing resource that they provide online. 

They recently released volume 2 of their Film & Music magazine. Which is of course, stunning in every way. They print, imagery and content is second to none with some world class advice from a whole range of filmmakers and composers. I highly recommend a read! 

Ofcourse what summer is complete without a great pair of sunglasses? Finlay & Co. have collaborated with me over the summer to make an Instagram campaign for them which of course meant getting a pair of sweet shades for myself! These glasses are wooden framed with lenses of the highest quality. I highly recommend you guys check them out and follow what they are up to. 

Whilst on a recent work trip in Copenhagen I gave 'Playtype' a visit. Playtype are the only dedicated typeography concept store in the world. They stock original products from notepads and pens to large format posters with original typefaces on. I had to pick up a pad for September notes. Go check them out! 

And of course, Cereal. Not only have I had the huge privilege of working for these guys for the past sixth months as a photographer intern, but I also get blown away every time whenever I open up one of their magazine. The shier creative drive that I represents is amazing and never fails to inspire me. Volume 10 comes out in September so be sure to pick one up before they all go!

8 Hours in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark

This years valentines day I decided to do something a little different. My girlfriend, Sophia, mentioned that she misses being on planes. So I had to do something about that. I booked return flights to Copenhagen and then didn't tell Sophia where we were going or what we were doing until we rocked up at Gatwick Airport car park at 4.30am on a very cold winters morning. She was extremely excited when I told her where we were going despite the fact she had no idea what Copenhagen was. 

After explaining where Copenhagen is rather than was, we boarded a plane, flew for an hour and a half and were in the centre of Copenhagen by 10am. We spent the day being sold out tourists; Round Tower, the coloured houses, great food and generally thriving on the Danish culture. We had an incredible time and think that international day trips should be something that all couples do. 

6pm came around way too fast and after our two hour session of drinking coffee and chatting we headed back to Kastrup airport, got back on a plane, landed in London and were in bed by 11.30pm. 

Flying is cheap these days so things like going to the other side of Europe for 8 hours just for lols is extremely possible. Here's some iPhone snaps from our day in Copenhagen. Enjoy :-)