420 Seconds of Summer

During mid June I felt really convicted in myself to stop going on social media; It's such a time waster and often dis-connects you from people, conversations and the real world. I think some social media platforms play a positive role in our lives if used well and honestly. Take Instagram for example, an incredible way to be inspired and follow people who create beautiful things that stir your own original content. Great. 

My problem is that I was getting a place where I was trying to be other people, create their pictures in my own and adapt my own lifestyle to fit into a place that another person was living. This was not only stupidly un-healthy for my own life, career and well being but also made my Instagram feed a huge mess (to me anyway...got to get that grid looking perfect to make sure people think you're better than water right? wrong.). 

I came to a place where I was really done with all the distraction and deleted anything social off my phone and promised myself not to turn them on again (only if I felt like I wanted to) for three months. 

So because two days in I got hugely frustrated that I wasn't looking to produce anything like pictures or content, I decided to film 1 to 2 seconds of everyday and put it into a video. So here is the past two months (got bored after two and didn't want to do three) in 420 seconds. 

Note - This was heavily inspired by the incredible Joseph Paul who made a video about a second a day for a year. What a champion! Check him out here.