A Tuscan Summer

During mid July I embarked on the annual family holiday which, this year, took us to Tuscany. Being a huge fan of European culture, I was pretty excited to be visiting Italy, especially as it was my first time. 

A week before flying out there I was eagerly looking at weather predictions for when we arrived and was shocked to see that the temperatures would be averaging around 40 degrees. Now for someone who is a true Brit, this was a big deal; I had never experienced heat past 35 degrees max. so I was anxious to see how I felt about stepping off a plane into a 40 degrees Italian atmosphere. 

It turned out that 40 degrees is totally manageable and I loved my two weeks in the Tuscan hills. We visited Florence for a week and then moved on to Lastra a Sígna, which is around 10 minutes drive out of Florence and in the middle of the hills. 

Here are some camera shots and a whole bunch of snaps from my iPhone. I highly recommend a visit to Tuscany if you get the chance. The scenery and preservation of the cities is wonderful to experience.