August Inspiration Feed

The MusicBed have been a huge inspiration to me over the past year, playing a huge role in the creative industry of what it looks like to hold a career in music/film making and how to balance life with work etc. Not to mention the incredible music licensing resource that they provide online. 

They recently released volume 2 of their Film & Music magazine. Which is of course, stunning in every way. They print, imagery and content is second to none with some world class advice from a whole range of filmmakers and composers. I highly recommend a read! 

Ofcourse what summer is complete without a great pair of sunglasses? Finlay & Co. have collaborated with me over the summer to make an Instagram campaign for them which of course meant getting a pair of sweet shades for myself! These glasses are wooden framed with lenses of the highest quality. I highly recommend you guys check them out and follow what they are up to. 

Whilst on a recent work trip in Copenhagen I gave 'Playtype' a visit. Playtype are the only dedicated typeography concept store in the world. They stock original products from notepads and pens to large format posters with original typefaces on. I had to pick up a pad for September notes. Go check them out! 

And of course, Cereal. Not only have I had the huge privilege of working for these guys for the past sixth months as a photographer intern, but I also get blown away every time whenever I open up one of their magazine. The shier creative drive that I represents is amazing and never fails to inspire me. Volume 10 comes out in September so be sure to pick one up before they all go!