8 Hours in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark

This years valentines day I decided to do something a little different. My girlfriend, Sophia, mentioned that she misses being on planes. So I had to do something about that. I booked return flights to Copenhagen and then didn't tell Sophia where we were going or what we were doing until we rocked up at Gatwick Airport car park at 4.30am on a very cold winters morning. She was extremely excited when I told her where we were going despite the fact she had no idea what Copenhagen was. 

After explaining where Copenhagen is rather than was, we boarded a plane, flew for an hour and a half and were in the centre of Copenhagen by 10am. We spent the day being sold out tourists; Round Tower, the coloured houses, great food and generally thriving on the Danish culture. We had an incredible time and think that international day trips should be something that all couples do. 

6pm came around way too fast and after our two hour session of drinking coffee and chatting we headed back to Kastrup airport, got back on a plane, landed in London and were in bed by 11.30pm. 

Flying is cheap these days so things like going to the other side of Europe for 8 hours just for lols is extremely possible. Here's some iPhone snaps from our day in Copenhagen. Enjoy :-)