The Art of Obedience

I believe having a solid home 'base' is really important. A place that you always feel grounded in and return to. Bath, for me is where my home is. My friends and family reside here and its also where my church is. I work for Bath City Church once a week and have recently made some graphics and video for a new speaking series that has been happening in our Young Adult meetings.

I have found having a rhythm of being apart of church here in Bath has helped me stay grounded in a world which for me is, really manic, all the time. I love getting to contribute to the creative output of my church and never really share anything I make with them. So thought it was about time to change that.

In summary this is a very casual project, but I really enjoyed the freedom and relaxed vibe to creating the content, so thought its worth sharing. 

(Project cover photo by Sam Cooper)