Sam's Kitchen

Sam's Kitchen Frome is a beautiful restaurant located in the heart of Somerset town, Frome. The following are few of my favourite shots from a recent two part shoot. This shoot focused on their evening service and food.

The food is exquisite, staff are friendly and environment is absolutely stunning. I would highly recommend a visit for a meal and cocktail.

Water Journal Vol. 2

In collaboration with friend and writer, Tim Schilling, I photographed a piece for Water Journal volume 2. We headed down to Dorset to photograph the coast line and to gather inspiration for the copy which would compliment the photos.

Here are a few of my favourite shots.

Carl Hansen & Søn

Through spring 2016 I was commissioned by Danish design masterminds, Carl Hansen & Søn to take pictures of their London showroom. I focused on details of products in the showroom as well as some wide angle shots to give an impression of the space. 

Here are some of my detail shot favourites.


Gear: Canon 5Ds, 24-70 f2.8, 50mm f1.4

Location: Farringdon, London

Date of Shoot: May 2016


Cereal Guides - Copenhagen

Recently released by Cereal, Copenhagen city guide is a curated collection of places to stay, eat and visit.

Known for their minimal, calm and clean imagery as well as highly engaging copy, Cereal have build a global reputation for being one of the best in the independent magazine market.

I contributed a handful of shoots for this publication and want to share a few favourites with you here. You can buy a copy of Cereal Copenhagen by clicking here.


Atelier September



Keramik & Glasværkstedt



Mikkeller & Friends



Ved Stranden








World Within Vol. 2

The second edition in a series looking at people who heavily inspire me as a creative and who demonstrate honest and integrity in what they make. 

Jonny & Sarah Bird are top class people who I am so excited to present to you in World Within Vol. 2 

To a more in sight description of what World Within is then head to my Vimeo page.


Gear: Canon 6D, 24-70 mkii, 50mm 1.4

Client: Personal Work 

Time of Shoot: 8am

Location: Brighton, UK


Melanie Giles

Bath is the home to a healthy handful of independent business'. The variety of these business' is what makes Bath so interesting to look around and enjoy.

Melanie Giles is a collection of Somerset based hair and beauty salons. Their Bath salon was one of the first to open and has recently undergone a total refurbishment. 

I was asked by Melanie Giles to take pictures of the new space once refurbishment had finished. Therefore I'm happy to share with you a selection of my favourites.




During late June I was in Norway to photograph a wedding and I managed to get some time in the beautiful mountains in an area called Månafossen. 

I was here in 2015 for a winter wedding so seeing the contrast in the landscape between deep Norwegian winter whites and summer greens was a really great experience. Enjoy some of my favourite snaps.

A few of these photos are available for purchase in full resolution of my Creative Market Store.

May Selects

Ive been Art Directing a new project throughout May which publishes in June and I wanted to share some of my favourite pictures from this project without any context. 

This project is a whole combination of pictures, design and video; so I just wanted to share some of my favourite pictures from one of the studio sessions.