A.N. Other Fragrances

A. N. Other was born out of a belief that there’s a purer way to craft and sell luxury fragrances. A way that makes signature scents accessible by investing in what goes into the bottle, not what goes inside the pages of a glossy magazine. No expensive boutiques or lavish adverts. Just Parfum grade scents created from the finest ingredients and sold directly to the people that love them.

Toby worked with A.N. Other by creating an online story orbiting around the concept of how scent evokes strong memories of the past.

Client: A.N. Other + Socio Design    .    Shoot location: Los Angeles, CA     .     Published: January 2018     .     Link to story

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Los Angeles is a city where people go because they believe anything is possible there. The embodiment of the ‘American Dream’. A land of ambition and success.

For a city to have such qualities is, I think, quite rare and beautiful. Perhaps that’s why so many flock there each year to pursue dreams that, if left in the mind for too long, fizzle out via disappointment or conformity to a system that provides a comfortable life.

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Since being a teenager, I always dreamed of going to LA. The whole idea gave me an inner thrill. For me, LA was a place of luxury. A different life that could be experienced by anyone. It also made me feel more ‘adult’ - imagining that one day I could be travelling between London, New York and Los Angeles for my job. Something about it made me feel like that would define personal success.

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Fast forward ten years and my wife and I were waiting in line at Heathrow airport on an otherwise very average January afternoon to board our flight to LA for the first time. I was beyond excited, ready to finally experience the place I had fantasized about for the past decade.

As we descended through overcast clouds, my eyes found the glowing city lights of the eastern suburbs, shortly followed by the blurry lights of runway 24L at LAX.

I seem to experience the same feelings every time I arrive in a new city, of distance and being far away from my comfortable day-to-day bubble. This happens especially when I travel for work. I get so hyped before going, but then when I close that hotel room door I can’t seem to escape the reality of loneliness and distance. The moments where you appreciate how life is made wonderful by the people who surround you.

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As I woke at 6AM the following morning, those feelings were quickly replaced by the smell of fried eggs and fresh coffee being made a few steps away in our Venice Canals Airbnb kitchen. Two of our close friends were travelling with us for our road trip, and those familiar breakfast smells and the sounds of my friends’ voices brought comfort to my world. LA was outside, and boy, was I ready to meet her.